Assurance Creek Youth Program
Maximizing our individual talents to strengthen our collective accomplishments
Our Vision

The goal of Assurance Creek Youth Program is to attract youth who refuse to accept failure as an option despite the negative realities that prevail. We are dedicated to transforming our collective efforts into positive results. We pride ourselves in our ability to see rural and urban youth not as a lost cause or perhaps disjointed from our society but as individuals who make up the fabric of the nation. We influence our youth to use their creative genius coupled with their educational prowess to fulfill their dreams and reach their God given potential. We have elected as an organization to maximize our individual time to minimize our mutual excuses.

It is our goal to inspire youth to operate with a high level of resiliency and unwavering faith to overcome any obstacle. We understand education serves as an effective tool to combat societal and systemic issues that not only hinders progress but impedes success. We strive to increase the quality of life by providing youth with transformative experiences. Finally, we strive to become active participants in our communities by serving others with integrity and purpose which is predicated on the importance of paying it forward. It is our ultimate goal to create an environment where our donors, volunteers, and participants find comfort in knowing that we are committed to providing fun and enriching activities.

These activities will allow students to further develop their dreams. We are confident not arrogant, competent not inept, active not passive, collaborative not single-minded, and we are passionate not indifferent. We unequivocally believe that by merging our dynamic and multifaceted program with motivated rural and urban youth we will deliver positive results and serve as a model for excellence.